Ye Olde Sponsors

Ye Olde Sponsors


and welcome to the Faculty of Arts at

McGill University

As our newest scholars, we extend to thee our cordial
welcome and wish to make merry of thy arrival to Montreal

Because we know that McGill and Montreal can seem brutish
and may whelm thee so, we your fair Frosh Coordinators are
throwing, in thy name, the finest fair ever to grace the urban
lands of McGill.

So come all ye Maidens and Minstrels, Lords and Ladies,
Rascals and Rogues for thy official initiation into
McGill University... Knights to Remember: Arts Frosh 2007!

Don thy finest tights and girdles and prepare for three
straight days of gallivanting in yonder downtown Montreal, feasting in the open airs of McGill campus, and gracing the most distinguished bars and
clubs of this fine empire! Much memorable merriment and adventure await you so make haste and register!

Most Sincerely,

Her Majesty, Queen Andrea of Merlano
His Royal Highness, Duke Geoffrey of Hall
His Lordship, Stephen of Antolin
The Most Honourable, Nathan Count of Takurchuk

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