AUSEC Needs YOU to be a Project Rep!

Passionate about environmental issues? Pissed off with the AUS? Frustrated with
student attitudes toward sustainability? If so, look no further than here! This is your
campus group to join! We're always looking for project reps and volunteers to take
on new initiatives to help make McGill a greener place. Look around and let us know if
you see see something you like or you have an idea for a new project. We'll be thrilled
to partner with you and help you with your action plan! Email Drew, the AUSEC
Commissioner, at Thanks for your interest!

Yellow Organic Waste Bins in Leacock!

There are new organic waste bins in Leacock! Exciting! But what goes in and what doesn't?

Trash in Leacock: What Goes Where?

Here's a quick guide to what's not recyclable: